Day: April 15, 2013

Why Taxpayers Should Support the Liberal Arts

I’m writing in response to Yevgeniy Feyman’s challenging comments to my conservative defense of liberal education: We see more and more libertarian nudging in higher education.  Consider the proposal, coming out of Florida, to incentivize students to choose the most demonstratively productive majors.  They are, of course, the STEM majors–science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Tuition […]

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Brooklyn College Criticizes Itself over Anti-Israel Event

This past February, in the final act of Brooklyn College’s BDS fiasco, four Jewish students were kicked out of the talk. (Brooklyn’s Political Science Department had formally voted to affiliate itself with the talk, which featured two speakers who advocated a nationality-based boycott against Israelis, divestment from Israel, and international sanctions against the Jewish state.) […]

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