Day: May 15, 2013

What Happened to the Great State Universities?

                 According to a new report released by the American Association of University Professors, the gap between the salaries of faculty at private and public universities is widening.  The “Annual Report on the Status of the Profession” found that at the public institutions, full professors averaged $118,054 and assistant […]

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Looking for Class Preferences to Replace Racial Ones

Socioeconomic preferences can be a better proxy for race than race preferences, according to an Inside Higher Ed report this morning on a new study to be published this summer in the Harvard Law & Policy Review. More precisely, the authors, Matthew N. Gaertner, a researcher at Pearson’s Center for College and Career Success and […]

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A Misguided Feminist Agenda Curbs Free Speech

As everyone but members of the National Ostrich Society now knows, Washington, D.C. is beset by three actual or potential scandals: the Benghazi matter; the IRS’s politicization; and the wiretapping of the Associated Press by the DOJ. These matters are important and call for genuine investigation and concern. But there is another controversy emanating from […]

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