Day: July 23, 2013

How Academe Turned Zimmerman
Into a Racist

I first heard of Trayvon Martin via a posted comment on an article I had written for the Chronicle of Higher Education in early March 2012.  In retrospect that seems significant.  The comment from some anonymous academic came a few days after the shooting and a month before President Obama observed in a Rose Garden […]

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OCR: More Extreme Procedures Needed in Sex Cases?

The OCR is back in action, investigating new claims that college procedures dealing with sexual assault do not support accusers enough and so have violated Title IX. The Los Angeles Times reports that a complaint was filed against USC–by a student who had brought her allegations to police, only to have the DA’s office conclude […]

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Protests and Gloom over Janet Napolitano

A long-time university insider told me she could not remember any prior appointment of a new president of the University of California made in such an unhappy atmosphere. Since joining the UC Santa Cruz faculty in 1966, I’ve seen eight new presidents, and I too have never seen such gloom over any of the previous […]

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