Brandeis Hiring a Sexual-Violence Bureaucrat

Brandeis University is hiring a full-time administrator to deal with sexual violence on campus. This might imply that an upsurge of sexual assault is under way on this very quiet, very liberal campus. But that is not the case. Brandeis has the usual elaborate safeguards against such offenses– conditioning at freshman orientation, a strong and vocal feminist contingent, educational programs on sexual assault, a rape crisis hotline, stern judicial procedures that seem pitched against the accused, and a recorded rate of sexually violent acts of less than one case per year (though some insist the real total is higher).  Still, Brandeis feels it needs a “Sexual Violence and Prevention Services Specialist,” who will apparently run conferences and rallies, seek grants and lead programming tailored to the needs of individual groups into which the modern university likes to divide its students, such as “LBGTIO, students of color, international students, student-athletes” and so forth. Announcement of the new hire came from the campus Feminist Sexual Ethics Project. Candidates for the job, it says, must have a “sophisticated theoretical understanding of the cultural and social causes of sexual and other gender-based violence,” which we take to mean a feminist perspective on men. The Project seems to hold a similarly dubious view of religion. It says: “If we are to create a society in which ethics and social structures are based on freedom and dignity, we need to recognize the extent to which slave-holding values have shaped and continue to influence religious policy.” Those who believe that multicultural and feminist excesses on the modern American campus are almost always funded by the Ford Foundation will not be disappointed. Ford is helping to pay for this one too.


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