Day: December 11, 2013

Let’s Challenge the ‘Rape Culture’ Warriors

The term “rape culture,” invented in the 1970s by radical feminists, seemed confined for decades to women’s studies programs and free-lance extremists. Now, as Cathy Young’s article today on this site shows, the term and the ideology behind it have been going mainstream, even at such prominent campuses as the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Wikipedia […]

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Former ASA Presidents Speak Out

As David Bernstein has reported on this site, the American Studies Association’s National Council voted last month to endorse an academic boycott of Israel. At the same time the Council put the resolution to a vote of the membership, which is being conducted online and concludes on December 11. Eight former presidents of the American […]

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‘Rape Culture’ and Free Speech

Much has been said about the campus “war on rape” and the way it imperils students’ due process rights, but there is another casualty as well: the free exchange of ideas on college campuses when it comes to the subject of sexual offenses. A particularly revealing recent example comes from the University of Wisconsin at […]

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