Day: February 18, 2014

A Deceptive California Bill on Campus Rape

In a recent string of tweets, Lindsay Rosenthal, formerly of the Center for American Progress and now at the Ms. Foundation for Women, compared concerns about insufficient due process protections on college campuses to the heavily partisan efforts to impose increased voter restrictions or to level fact-free allegations of “anchor babies”–a comparison, she added, that […]

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The MOOC Chronicles, Part 1:
Are MOOCs Sustainable?

Does the college classroom have a “carrying capacity”? The term refers to the theoretical maximum population that a particular environment can nourish (or carry) for an extended period.  I’ve been learning about it in “Introduction to Sustainability,” an eight-week MOOC offered on Coursera by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I’m taking the MOOC both because I’m interested in the sustainability dogma on college campuses, and because I’d […]

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Free Speech Includes Offensive Speech

Cross-posted from Open Market “The Wandering Dago food truck wants to park and sell food at various events on New York State property. The state says no, because the name is offensive. Does that violate the First Amendment?” The answer is probably yes, says UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh at this link. He recently discussed […]

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