Day: February 28, 2014

Asian-Americans Decide to Protect 209

For years, efforts have been made, legal and illegal, to get around the provisions of California’s Prop 209. That’s the 1996 measure that prevents consideration of gender, race or ethnicity in public education, employment or contracting. But for many weeks, it has seemed likely that the overwhelmingly Democratic California legislature would vote to exempt education from […]

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Why Minorities-Only Help Programs Seem Wrong

A Chronicle of Higher Education article this week was headlined “Minority Male Students Face Challenge to Achieve at Community Colleges,” and it discussed various successes and failures in that eponymous arena. Particularly intriguing was this passage:    And instead of offering small, “boutique” programs for minority students that attract just a few dozen students, [one […]

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Business Leaders Doubt Higher-Ed’s Value

Are American colleges really the best in the world? One group that really matters–the business leaders who want to hire college graduates–seem skeptical. A recent poll conducted by Gallup and the Lumina Foundation found that while 37 percent of business leaders believed that the United States has the best system of higher-education, a sizable 32 […]

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