Day: March 27, 2014

The End of Big Time College Athletics?

For decades critics have lamented that big time college sports have a corrupting influence on college and university campuses. Big time sports push aside the educational goals of the university, recruit athletes to campus who have little interest or aptitude for learning, turn football and basketball coaches into national celebrities, and in general create a […]

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Irrational ‘Rape Culture’ Activism at Occidental and BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is uncritically fascinated with “rape culture.” Combine that with Occidental, a college where a male student can be branded a rapist even if his partner says “yes,” and the result is an article by Jessica Testa. Her BuzzFeed article, which reads as if it comes from the Onion, provides an unintentional commentary into how […]

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‘Degree Inflation’ Takes Its Toll

Here’s some more evidence for those who wonder whether a college degree is “worth it.” The online job portal CareerBuilder announced last week  that more employers are requiring their employees to hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. 27 percent of the surveyed employers  said that they increased “educational requirements” for obtaining a job in the past five years, […]

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