Day: April 9, 2014

The Liberal Arts Are in Trouble–Should We Celebrate?: Part 2

Today’s respondents to our symposium question, “Should we be unhappy that the liberal arts are going down?,” are Patrick Deneen, Peter Wood, and Peter Lawler.  * * * .Patrick Deneen, Notre Dame We should be unhappy that the liberal arts are “going down” in theory but not in fact.  Because the liberal arts, of course, have already […]

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Does Scott Walker Need A College Degree?

Do you need a college degree to get elected president? Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who doesn’t have one, wants to know. As Walker begins contemplating his 2016 presidential bid, John Fund reports, his incomplete education is raising concerns among Republicans. Walker started college at Marquette University but dropped out to join the Red Cross. […]

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The Anti-Bullying Assault on Free Speech

Cross-posted from Open Market Earlier, we wrote about a Wisconsin town whose ordinance  holds parents liable for bullying by their children, including certain speech. We  and law professor  Eugene Volokh  noted that this raised serious First Amendment issues. Now, a New Jersey judge has done the same thing by judicial  construction, by allowing New Jersey school districts to  drag […]

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