Day: July 30, 2014

Campus Rape Activists Feud Among Themselves

Brett Sokolow has been a model of inconsistency in the campus “rape wars.” As president of  the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM), he has carved out a reputation as a foe of due process, but he surprised almost everyone this past spring by suggesting that he had knowledge of between eight and […]

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Pseudo-Philosopher Turns Out to Be Plagiarist

Slavoj Žižek is “the world’s hippest philosopher,” according to the UK’s Telegraph. Indeed, the Slovenian-born philosopher has won over adoring fans by combining references to Hegel, Freud, popular culture, and warmed-over postmodernism, and calling it philosophy. His stature is such that students can take classes on his thought and professors can contribute to a peer-reviewed […]

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