Day: August 12, 2014

Grade Inflation 1, Princeton 0

The big academic news this week is that Princeton seems to be abandoning its war against grade inflation.  It really wasn’t a war against inflation, because grades actually stabilized at a high level a while ago.  The effort was to stop giving most students A’s.  Princeton had barely achieved its goal, with 43% of students “earning” […]

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Making A Racial Issue Out of Nothing

From City Journal:  “How good-natured joshing turned two college football teammates—one black, one white–into pariahs. Rarely does the modern Left’s humorlessness, authoritarianism, and subversion of its own goals come together as starkly as in this case.”

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The Salaita Case—Academic Blacklisting?

You should formulate your response to the case of Steven Salaita cautiously. Salaita, a professor at the University of Illinois, was unhired following public outcry over his declamations against Israel, Jews, and defenders of Israel on Twitter. If you don’t defend him, you can’t defend right-wingers who express themselves in similarly strong language. “No individual loses […]

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