Don’t Let the BDS Bullies Win

Over at Legal Insurrection, William Jacobson draws our attention to a new petition protesting the academic boycott of Israel. The petition, which is directed towards academics, university staff, and trustees, argues that the BDS movement is at odds with crucial academic  values. In particular, the petition draws attention to the fabrications of BDS movement and its attempt to undermine academic freedom. Jacobson provides some important context:

The short version is that anti-Zionist, anti-Israel academic activists for years have maneuvered to take over professional organizations in order to bring the war against Israel home to campuses. Their biggest success to date is the ASA, but they continue their efforts elsewhere.

The loudest mouths get all the attention, while the majority of people in academia who do not support academic boycotts (of Israel or any other nation) mostly go about their business and watch from the sidelines.

To that end, Jacobson directs his readers to sign the petition. Shouldn’t you sign it, too?


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