Day: September 29, 2014

Salaita and the Missing Trustee Oversight

A few weeks ago, I commented on a recent report shepherded through by Benno Schmidt, chairman of the CUNY Board of Trustees, on the need for a heftier trustee role in university governance. (I co-signed the report and strongly endorse its conclusions.) The report covered considerable ground, but some of its most thought-provoking recommendations involved […]

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California Sets a Bad Precedent

Government’s intrusion into our bedrooms continues apace. Yesterday California Governor Jerry Brown signed California’s “affirmative consent” bill, which requires “each person involved in the sexual activity” to obtain explicit agreement from his or her partner to engage in said activity. If colleges don’t adopt this policy, they’ll become ineligible for state student financial aid. Though […]

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Joke Imitates Life

By way of background for you outside-the-beltway rubes, the Washington Post’s weekly “Style Invitational” is a contest in which readers compete to submit the funniest entry.  This week the winners were announced for the funniest (made up) course description from a college catalogue.  First-place was awarded to:  “PSYC 207: Welcome to Your College Nightmare. Participants […]

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