Day: October 15, 2014

The Tipping Point for Due Process?

This week has featured a potential tipping point in the debate about due process and campus sexual assault. The first event came in publication of an extraordinary column by Ezra Klein, defending California’s “affirmative consent” law. In one respect, it wasn’t surprising to see Klein defend the proposal; too many liberal commentators (not to mention, […]

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Grade Inflation—Why Princeton Threw in the Towel

In my freshman year at Duke in the mid-1960s, C’s were still the most common grade in my courses, about equal to the total number of A’s and B’s combined.  In my first-semester freshman composition course, there were no A’s given, only two B’s, one or two D’s — and all the rest C’s.  The […]

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Angela Davis, UCLA’s Patron Saint

Over at PJ Media, Ron Radosh reveals that a banner on UCLA’s campus promotes Angela Davis, the radical activist and former UCLA professor from 1969-1970. The banner includes an old image of Davis—presumably taken during her time at UCLA—with the words “WE QUESTION” underneath. As Radosh notes, the ad, which is supposed to boost UCLA […]

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