Day: December 3, 2014

Faculty Ousted at Harvard – From Power, That Is

The ills besetting higher education in recent years – ballooning tuitions, kangaroo disciplinary tribunals, speech codes and other violations of academic freedom, expanding bureaucracies, invasions of student and faculty privacy, lowered academic standards, and others – are on virtuallyeveryone’s minds. However, these problems are not mutually exclusiveand severable; rather, theyare manifestations of a larger downward […]

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Bad Advice at Northwestern

I spoke with a colleague yesterday, a long-term staff member at Northwestern University. She told me that when Northwestern students report a rape, they are being told something like this: “If you report the incident to local police, they might not take you seriously. Your name will get in the newspapers. When the case goes […]

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Another Victory for FIRE

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has just scored yet another victory for free speech. In a sadly familiar case, the University of Hawaii at Hilo prevented students Merritt Burch and Anthony Vizzone from handing out copies of the US Constitution. A UH adminstrator told them they could only conduct such advocacy in […]

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