Day: December 5, 2014

Another Myth about “Diversity” Crumbles

Once the Supreme Court (actually, only Justice Powell’s pivotal opinion) said in the Bakke case that programs to increase student “diversity” could be justified if they brought about educational benefits, the higher education establishment began a frantic quest for such evidence. For example, the University of Michigan, needing something that would look sufficiently expert to […]

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Indifference to Truth in the Virginia Rape Case

Yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education summarizes perhaps the main critique of Sarah Erdely’s “don’t-tell-all” article alleging a grotesque gang rape at UVA: the reporter’s decision not to seek contact from any of the people her article had described as gang rapists. That point, too, has now received a vigorous response from Erdely’s defenders. A faux-balanced […]

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Do College Graduates Need Soft Skills?

It does not surprise anyone that graduates of four-year colleges have lower rates of unemployment – or employment in jobs that do not require a college education – than high school graduates or high school dropouts.  What has occasioned mild surprise are the tens of thousands of graduates of four-year colleges who cannot find full-time […]

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