FIRE’s Latest Victories

Inside Higher Ed has a great story today about our  friends at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). In July, FIRE’s attorneys launched a legal campaign–the “Stand Up for Speech Litigation Project”– to eliminate campus speech codes. According to the piece, their efforts have already garnered $200,000 in settlements. In these cases, FIRE has typically challenged college administrators who’ve restricted petitioning and demonstrations to unironically labeled  “free speech zones.” With victories at Citrus College, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and Modesto Junior College, FIRE has set it sights on larger schools like  Iowa State and Ohio University. We’re glad FIRE’s work is receiving so much mainstream attention, and we wish them good luck in their noble fight for free speech.


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  1. KC, I’m going back to work. I like to think I’m too young to be retired.When I do (havr some pretty high ticket offers), I’lol peel off a few hundree buxks to FIRE

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