Don’t Bother with Due Process

“In April 2011 the Obama administration launched a campaign to expand the role of sexual misconduct tribunals on campus. Schools have been ordered to investigate and adjudicate student reports of sexual assault—whether or not alleged victims have medical exams or file incident reports—and warned not ‘to accord due process rights to the alleged perpetrator’ that would ‘delay the Title IX protections’ or risk losing federal funding and being reported to the Department of Justice.” –Robert Carle, Academic Questions, Spring 2015


One thought on “Don’t Bother with Due Process”

  1. Feminists assure us that women never lie and all men are rapists in waiting, therefore due process is unneeded. Obviously the slew of high profile (and the many more that went ignored by the media) false accusations are false flags by patriarchal misogynist MRAs.

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