Day: April 2, 2015

How to Handle the Student Loan Crisis?

Stop giving every student a loan. That’s Megan McArdle’s advice on Bloomberg View. Talking about accredited four-year schools as well as for-profit colleges, she says: “…stop making the loans directly, then invite private companies back into the student-loan market — and force them to eat some of the losses.” So the companies will have to do […]

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U of Houston Pays Over $155,000 for Actor to Speak at Commencement

The University of Houston, a public university, is proud to have snagged actor Matthew McConaughey as its 2015 commencement speaker. The University says that McConaughey has “the kind of star power that adds muscle to the University of Houston’s bold reputation campaign “Welcome to the Powerhouse.”” I understand that colleges and universities are fighting for […]

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