Discouraging News on College-Bound Black Students

A disappointing report says African-American students score low on college readiness even when they successfully complete coursework intended to prepare them for college. The report, The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2014: African American Students comes from ACT and the United Negro College Fund. It shows that 62 percent of ACT-tested African American students in the 2014 high school graduating class met none of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks, which is twice the rate for all students (31 percent).

17% of African American test takers were found college-ready in reading, 14% in math, and 10% in science (compared to 44%, 43%, and 37% of all test takers). Only 5% of African Americans were found college-ready in all four benchmarks (compared to 26% of all test takers); 11% of African American test takers met three or more of the four benchmarks, compared to 49% of whites and 57% of Asians.


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