Day: September 15, 2015

Heterodox Academy—A New Site

A group of professors and researchers, about half of them psychologists, launched a web site today –Heterodox Academy–to promote “viewpoint diversity” in academe.  The group includes Harvard Psychologist Steven Pinker, Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt of NYU’S Stern School of Business, Wharton Professor of Management and Professor of Psychology Philip Tetlock, Sociologist Carlotta Stern of the […]

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Education Department Rewards False Complaints of Abuse

The Education Department, where I used to work, is becoming more and more extreme in how it misinterprets and misapplies federal law. For example, the Education Department has thumbed its nose at federal court rulings by wrongly creating entitlements for people who make false discrimination and harassment complaints—even though such baseless complaints can make life […]

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