Feminist Censored from Censorship Panel

British feminist Julie Bindel  was scheduled to speak at Manchester University on a panel discussing the subject “From Liberation to Censorship: Does Modern Feminism Have a Problem with Free Speech?’ That question was answered by the university student union, which canceled her appearance on the panel as a potential violation of “safe space” for transgender students at the school.

Bindel is in bad odor with radical feminists for two incorrect opinions:  she doesn’t think transgender females are real women, and she does not think prostitution is a form of female empowerment that should be legalized. Though she was not intending to talk about the transgender issue, the student union stated that “her views and comments towards trans people… could incite hatred towards and exclusion of our trans students.”

Bindel, a well-known  activist campaigning against violence toward women, has been “no platformed” (banned) as a speaker several times after  protests from the gay and transgender lobbies.


3 thoughts on “Feminist Censored from Censorship Panel

  1. “She doesn’t think transgendered females are real women”

    THAT is offensive? Is it offensive to say a squirrel is not an elephant? that a red crayon is not green? that east is not west?

    Of course a man who believes himself a woman is not a woman; he is simply and forever a gender dysphoric man.

    He has every right, of course, to believe whatever he likes; our best wishes go with him. He may be convinced he is a woman, a squirrel, an elephant, or a green crayon…I may believe myself the North Wind…but, in reality, we are none of those things. He is simply a man who is wrestling a particular kind of psycho-sexual problem. And it matters not if he lives his entire life as a woman, if he surgically transitions, sculpts and fills his body with hormones not his own — he will never be a woman (at least not until or unless we decide to adjust the definition to include those who would so pretend).

    In the end, I guess, there is no need for the Panel to consider the question, “Does Modern Feminism Have a Problem with Free Speech” — the answer, clearly, is a very shrill “yes”.

  2. It seems to me that LGTXXXXXXXs want to censor… oops “no platform” any speech that they disagree with. Which is almost everything. And especially if you speak the truth

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