How Yale Supports Racial Separatism

I mostly agree with Peter Schuck’s viewpoint (What the President of Yale Should Have Said) but disagree strongly with his suggestion that colleges and universities have been working to support diversity on campus (and improved race relations) through their policies and practices of offering so-called “ethnocultural” dorms and identity/affinity housing.

Indeed, what the colleges are actually doing, in the guise of promoting improved race relations, is practicing racism by organizing and making assignments to dorms by race and cultural group identity, including staffing such dorms with RAs who match the skin color or ethnic background of the identity house.

That’s a bowl full of wrong. Such separate housing by race and/or ethnicity is the college practicing racism by means of encouraging racial identity rather than respecting every student’s individuality.

Colleges that foster ethnic and affinity dorms and their ilk are wittingly or unwittingly (I think wittingly) contributing to ethnic and racial Balkanization on campus and thereby facilitating frayed race relations; such “ethnocultural” and racially identifiable housing policies only reinforce racial stereotypes and supposed skin color “differences” among us. It also falls right in line with the grievance industry and race fanatics’ agenda on campus.

Places as “liberal” as Yale ought to know better, but they engage regularly in racial separatism and paternalism by funding programs that support this apartheid. Another example of modern-day racism on the part of the Ivy League and other major academic institutions comes from Boalt Hall, The University of Berkeley Law School.

Officials there have stopped the random assignment of first year law students and begun clustering racial minorities in order to have them feel better about “themselves” by being in groups where more of them have the same skin color. This deliberate ghettoizing of racial minorities, like “theme” dorms around ethnic and racial identity, are regressive policies that undermine individual identity and reinforce as race above all other individual accomplishments.

The message is clear: Admit more of “me” because I am too insecure and uncomfortable being with others not from my hood or who don’t talk the talk of racial grievance.


4 thoughts on “How Yale Supports Racial Separatism

  1. Has anyone been impressed with the Yale graduates they have met in life? Especially the past few graduating classes? I haven’t.

  2. Yale also supports racial & gender separatism with its academic programs:

    – African American Studies
    – Latin American Studies
    – Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

  3. Michael: I share many of your misgivings about Balkanization on campus. My point there was merely that Yale tries hard to make minority students feel “comfortable,” not that their efforts are necessarily well-conceived.


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