A New Campus Ailment–White Civility

Already suffering from white privilege and white fragility, some of America’s 260 million white people picked up The Wall St. Journal yesterday and discovered they were suffering from yet another unsuspected ailment—civility. As explained in a Journal op-ed by journalism professor Steve Salerno, “whiteness informed civility” gives whites the impression that they can conduct conversations with black people without confessing that whites are agents of oppression and patriarchal power.

As Salerno tells it, “whiteness informed civility” is affecting college debates, leading some debaters to challenge the rules and format of debates and even to change the topics of debates to talk about race instead of the agreed-upon subject. Salerno says a few of the debates result in profane outbursts and thrown furniture.


6 thoughts on “A New Campus Ailment–White Civility

  1. I would have thought that the left would be wary of going down this road since if White people decide that they`ve had enough of the White bashing and decide its time to stop being civil and start playing the left at its own game then things could get very ugly very quickly.

    1. I think this idea stinks of white progressive socialism liberal feminists and their cuck boys. Of course many blacks with agree as it eliminates any personal responsibility for their behavior. It’s this equality over equity thing they like. These are just racist rantings of a batty professor or something I’m sure.

  2. So what, pray tell, would the author have people who are by virtue of birth alone white do, if not be civil? One can only prostrate oneself so much.

  3. We want white people to fall down on their knees and confess to their racist crimes and the racist crimes of other white people. It’s all about power and it has two chances – fat and slim.

    1. I admit it!! You guys got me, I’m racist and I belong to a secret society of white people that no-one else knows anything about except most Asians because they get shit on too by black people. I will call an emergency meeting and tell them to never question a black liberal again. We are soooooooooooooo sorry that black people of today have inferiority problems that their grandparents didn’t have.

  4. Why does this post (and the WSJ article) treat a couple of clueless faculty members in Iowa as if they represented a widespread trend? Covering them in national media only gives them more recognition than they deserve.

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