KGB Documents Show the Secret Link Between “Anti-Racists” and Palestinian Terrorists

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article regarding a trove of once-secret documents taken directly from Soviet archives by the late dissident Vladimir Bukovsky. Those documents show that Ibram X. Kendi’s “anti-racist” ideology is derived from influence operations conducted by Communist parties—mainly the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), with the latter now openly admitting as much.

Today, just over a year later, people are perplexed and appalled that Black Lives Matter (BLM)—one of the largest advocacy groups in the past decade, and staunch promoter of “anti-racist” ideology—has come out in support of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization that recently massacred thousands of Israeli civilians, raped women and children, decapitated infants, took hostages, burned people alive, and desecrated corpses. But Black Lives Matter’s support for an organization such as Hamas should not come as a surprise: Both the neo-Marxist “anti-racist” movement, and the “Palestinian Liberation” movement, find their origins with the clandestine support of the Soviet KGB.

I did not exhaust Bukovsky’s archives in my last article, so allow me to discuss a few more documents in their historical contexts, beginning with the document below, dated August 28, 1969, labeled as “top secret,” and signed by Yuri Andropov, Chairman of the KGB.

Translated, the brief letter reads:

To the CPSU Central Committee

The arson of the Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by the Israelis has caused a sharp reaction from the Indian public. The issue was debated in India’s parliament on 26 August, where the Foreign Minister, DINESH SINGH, noted in his statement that “the government and the people of India are deeply shocked by this event”.

The KGB station in India is capable of organizing a protest demonstration at the US Embassy to India, with up to 20,000 Muslims participating. The expenses for organizing the demonstration would amount to 5,000 Indian rupees and be covered from the funds allocated by the CPSU Central Committee for special measures in India in 1969-1971,

For your consideration, Chairman of the KGB [signed] ANDROPOV

The arson in question was not conducted by an Israeli, but by a delusional Australian Christian named Denis Michael Rohan, who thought that the fire would catalyze the return of Jesus Christ. Not that the KGB cared, of course, as they clearly viewed this crisis as little more than an opportunity to promote anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment throughout the world (primarily India, in this case) via Muslim protests that the KGB itself manufactured. Three days before Andropov sent the above letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU (CC-CPSU), and as discussed in my previous article, the Soviets secretly agreed to confer an honorary doctorate to CPUSA member James Jackson, so that he could infiltrate New York University and propagate those same anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments to American’s college students.

Throughout the 1970s, we know that the KGB began supporting terrorist organizations hostile to the United States and her allies. But based on the records in the Bukovsky Archives, the earliest of such support did not begin around April 1970 with the KGB and CPUSA’s covert assistance to the Black Panther Party to worsen racial relations in America. Nor did it begin with the KGB itself, such as in Operation PANDORA where bombings of black neighborhoods conducted by the KGB were to be blamed on Jewish organizations in the U.S. Rather, beginning in 1968, the KGB began a secret relationship with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a group described by the U.S. Director of National Intelligence’s National Counterterrorism Center (DNI NCTC) as:

[. . .] a terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It combines Arab nationalism with Marxist-Leninist ideology, viewing the destruction of Israel as integral to the struggle to remove Western capitalism from the Middle East and ultimately establish a Communist Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital [. . . .] As of July 2022, the PFLP, along with HAMAS and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were taking steps to create a National Liberation Front in an attempt to address “internal divisions” and to cooperate with and to rebuild the PLO.

This brings us to our second, previously undiscussed classified Soviet document, dated April 23, 1974, sent directly from Yuri Andropov to then-Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, and designated as being of  “special importance” in addition to being “top secret.”

Translated, the document reads:

To Comrade L.I.Brezhnev

Since 1968 the KGB has maintained secret working contact with Wadie Haddad, Politburo member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), head of the PFLP’s external operations section.

In a confidential conversation in April this year at a meeting with the KGB station chief in Lebanon, Wadie Haddad outlined a long-term program of sabotage and terrorism by the PFLP, which can be summarized as follows.

The main aim of special actions by the PFLP is to increase the effectiveness of the struggle of the Palestinian resistance movement against Israel, Zionism and American imperialism. Arising from this, the planned sabotage and terrorist operations will mainly be directed towards:

employing special means to prolong the “oil war” of Arab countries against the imperialist forces supporting Israel, carrying out operations against American and Israeli personnel in third countries with the aim of securing reliable information about the plans and intentions of the USA and Israel, carrying out acts of sabotage and terrorism on the territory of Israel, organizing acts of sabotage against the Diamond Centre, whose basic capital derives from Israeli, British, Belgian and West German companies.

[page two]

In order to implement the above measures, the PFLP is currently preparing a number of special operations, including strikes against large oil-storage installations in various countries (Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Hong Kong et al), the destruction of oil tankers and super-tankers, actions against American and Israeli representatives in Iran, Greece, Ethiopia and Kenya, an attack on the Diamond Centre in Tel Aviv, etc.

Haddad has requested that we help his organization to procure several kinds of special technology necessary for carrying out certain sabotage operations.

In cooperating with us and appealing for our help, W. Haddad is fully aware of our opposition to terrorism in principle, and has not raised any questions with us concerning this area of the PFLP’s activities.

The nature of our relations with W. Haddad allows us a degree of control over the activities of the PFLP’s external operations section, to exercise an influence favorable to the USSR, and also to achieve some of our own aims through the activities of his organization while preserving the necessary secrecy.

In view of the above, we feel it would be expedient, at the next meeting, to give a generally favorable response to the request of Wadie Haddad for special assistance to the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine. As for specific issues in the supply of such aid, it is envisaged that every instance will be decided on an individual basis, in accordance with the interests of the Soviet Union and averting any possible harm to the security of our country.

We request your agreement.

Chairman of the State Security Committee

[signed] Andropov

[Across the top of the first page, Brezhnev wrote: “Inform Comrades Suslov, M.A., Podgorny N.V., Kosygin A.N., Grechko A.A., Gromyko A.A. (circulate)”. The signatures of the named comrades, in the above order, follow that of Brezhnev in the left-hand margin.

At the end of the last page, there is a handwritten addition: “Consent reported to the KGB of the USSR (Comrade Laptev P.P.) 26 April 1974.”]

The KGB, having been informed by Wadie Hadad of the PFLP’s “long-term program of sabotage and terrorism,” (particularly against Israel) agreed to provide the PFLP with assistance on a case-by-case basis. We do not know the full extent of the KGB’s relationship with the PFLP, but we do know from two documents dated to the following months that the PFLP received weapons and other equipment from the Soviet Union to conduct these terrorist attacks against Israel and other Western targets.

This brings us to our third document, dated January 10, 1975:

Translated, the document reads:

With the sanction of the CC CPSU № P 147/42 from on August 14, 1974, in September of this year to Moscow illegally arrived Wadie Haddad, a chief of the international services of the People’s Liberation Front of Palestine.

In Moscow with Haddad were discussed questions related to the strict secrecy of his collaboration with Soviet Secret Services; the latter is necessary for obtaining up-to-date political, military, and strategic information.

Haddad fully understands the policy of the Soviet Union in the Middle East and he sees the USSR as a natural and the most reliable ally of the Palestinian National Liberation movement.

As a result of our political influence on Haddad, he arrived at the conclusion that it will be necessary to transfer the center of gravity of operations conducted by [the PLO] from other countries to the territory of Israel and the occupied Arab lands. He promised by all means to abstain from conducting unreasonable and senseless terrorist acts.

For these purposes Haddad requests our help in acquisition of some types of military weapons and technical equipment and also our help in their production made from foreign materials.

In the interest of the matter we assume it would possible to partially satisfy a request made by Haddad and to illegally transfer certain Soviet military and technical means which we have previously supplied

[Handwriting, unclear]

(Page 2)

to the Middle East countries, and also to provide foreign weapons and special equipment, manufactured by us using foreign materials for production.

We request agreements.



The fourth document, dated May 16, 1975, sent directly to Leonid Brezhnev and far more shocking than any thus far, confirms the delivery of  weapons to Palestinian terrorists by the USSR, which specifically chose these weapons because they were foreign made, giving the Soviets plausible deniability after their use against Israeli civilians and other targets. Translated, the one-page notice reads:

To Comrade L.I. BREZHNEV

In accordance with the decision of the CPSU Central Committee, on 14 May the Committee for State Security gave trusted KGB intelligence agent W. Haddad, head of the external operations section of the People’s Liberation Front of Palestine, a consignment of foreign-produced arms and ammunition (53 submachine guns, 50 handguns including 10 fitted with silencers, 34,000 rounds of ammunition).

The covert delivery of arms was carried out in the neutral waters of the Gulf of Aden at night, with no direct contact, and with full observance of secrecy by an intelligence-gathering vessel of the Soviet Navy.

Haddad is the only foreigner who knows that the arms were supplied by us.



Where the weapons in this delivery came from and how many more deliveries were made, we can only speculate, but we do know that a secret KGB report dated only a few months later, on  December 31, 1975, describes how “[the KGB] provides aid to certain foreign communist parties and to the representatives of national liberation movements, providing them with contemporary weapons made in the capitalist states.” The foreign-made weapons in that particular report were captured from the United States on the battlefields of Vietnam.

We also do not know how long the KGB maintained its relationship with the PFLP, or other Palestinian groups, but two documents from the 1980s do evidence that such relationships were upheld for at least several more years. Our fifth document, dated June 21, 1983, details the delivery of two speedboats belonging to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The sixth document, dated November 27, 1984, details a top secret agreement to provide unspecified “special equipment” to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP, a breakaway group from the PFLP) in exchange for art and ancient artifacts.

The agreement to provide the DFLP with “special equipment” is particularly notable because, ten years prior in May 1974, the DFLP carried out an attack that became known as the Ma’alot Massacre, when three DFLP members crossed into Israel from Lebanon and murdered several civilians before making their way to the Netiv Meir Elementary School where they then took over 100 people hostage, mostly students, and demanded the release of 23 Palestinian terrorists. The hostage crisis ended in the deaths of 22 children, and 68 others were physically injured.

Given this history, and the history described in my previous article, it is no surprise that neo-Marxist, “anti-racist” groups like Black Lives Matter and the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” offices in our nation’s universities, are in lockstep with the “Palestine Liberation” movement today. These two movements, so ideologically different and on opposite sides of the globe, are two halves of the same coin—a coin minted to subvert Western liberal democracy by whatever means necessary: be that by infiltrating classrooms or by turning them into shooting galleries.

The sooner Western educational authorities learn from this history and recognize the useful idiots that are so predominant within the American professoriate, the faster we can restore peace and civil discourse not only on our country’s college campuses, but throughout Western civilization.

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One thought on “KGB Documents Show the Secret Link Between “Anti-Racists” and Palestinian Terrorists”

  1. The continuing abuse and obsession seeking the will to power of such evil bedfellows is not surprising. Their malicious manipulative expediency extends to many, if not all so-called liberation fronts around the world since the Cold War days. Of course “ progressive” students, reared in neoliberal idealism and the sentimentality that come from their naive, infantilized upbringing, will always support the perceived underdog. Even now, even as that “underdog”reeks from its most recent massacre. But, I fear, the useful idiots and students, with the proverbial dangerous “little bit of knowledge” are too far gone to make a u-turn in their Machiavellian “thinking” that festers from their teachers’ fetid ideologies. This same woke generation that advocates for a “spectrum” applicable to everything cannot see their own hypocrisy of applying a simplistic binary “oppressor/oppressed” Manichaean label to the nuances of history. In this case, as Israel defends itself from the horrors of an evil alliance under the flag of “ Resistance”, the moral rot of academics and abject lack of critical thinking in their students means they cannot even recognize what is glaringly obvious – the ideology and cult of evil.

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