Joe Nalven to Lecture on AI in Art at San Diego Public Library

Minding the Campus contributor Joe Nalven will deliver a featured presentation on the creative use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in art at the San Diego Public Library on August 5. His talk will explore themes of human authorship, hybridism, copyright, and the evolving role of technology in visual art.

Nalven has authored numerous articles on generative AI and its intersections with pedagogy and curriculum. His practical insights stem from the digital art revolution, as detailed in his co-authored book Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists (2005).

Technology channels vision and the expression of information and understanding. From this perspective, generative AI is simply a toolset. Yet, this toolset can be mystifying, off-putting, or even a seductive pied piper.

The San Diego Public Library will host Joe Nalven’s presentation in person, and it will also be available for streaming. Don’t miss his lecture on “Who is the Artist in the AI World?” which you can stream here.

Image by Thongden_studio — Adobe Stock — Asset ID#: 597211043


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