On the Warpath: Elizabeth Weiss Exposes the Fall of Academic Rigor and the Rise of Cancel Culture in New Book

On the Warpath: My Battles with Indians, Pretendians, and Woke Warriors is an explosive and humorous new book by Elizabeth Weiss, a National Association of Scholars board member and Minding the Campus contributor.

Her book reveals how the field of biological anthropology, which includes the study of skeletal remains to reconstruct the past, and forensic anthropology, which brings justice to families of homicide victims, has gone off the rails.

Weiss has even been canceled for pointing out the once obvious: there are only two sexes, male and female. She explores themes of identity politics, political correctness, cancel culture, and an anti-science agenda that embraces animistic religious tales and sexist Indian traditions such as menstrual taboos.

On the Warpath is a damning exposé of the current rot in academia but an uplifting account of how Weiss fought back against the madness. Reviewers are calling it a must-read. “Professor Weiss writes in such a clear and well structured style, that it makes the reader feel fortunate to have access to such clarity of thought and principle,” one put it.

The book was published on June 10 and is available through Amazon.com and other online booksellers. You can also order copies directly from the publisher, Academica Press.

Photo of Elizabeth Weiss submitted by Elizabeth Weiss 


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