Author: Andrew Quinio

Andrew Quinio graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2008. He was Editor-in-Chief of the California Patriot, a conservative student magazine on the UC Berkeley campus.

“Feelings” Education—It Starts in Ed School

The teenage girl standing with her father in line behind me at Kroger was clearly annoyed with her teacher. “I just gave her some b.s.,” she said. They were discussing the school day, and a writing assignment. Her father asked her what the topic had been and between loading my items onto the conveyor belt […]

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Am I Diverse Enough Now?

I cannot reflect upon my four years at UC Berkeley without mentioning the word “Diversity.” When one’s college experience is oversaturated by incessant lessons in racial and ethnic awareness, the word becomes unavoidable in any mention of Berkeley. Berkeley’s particular concept of diversity seemed to avoid the basic goal of fostering cultural tolerance and understanding. […]

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