Author: Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley is professor of sociology at Bucknell University and a senior fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization. His writing can be found at

On Cultural Marxism, the Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory? Woke Deception at Wikipedia

The best defense is a good offense. Wokeists in cultural elite circles know this well. Some critics of their radical agenda began noticing that there is a body of long-established academic writing about revolutionary politics, known as cultural Marxism, behind their efforts and launched an attack on those ideas and thinkers. The Wokeists responded with […]

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Debunking the Debunker

The racist, determinist, and anti-individualist mythology behind Robin DiAngelo’s “most common myths white people believe about race” Robin DiAngelo has suddenly gotten very well-known and much wealthier because of her tapping by cultural and educational elites as one of the “experts” on white racism and concomitant non-white suffering. The university at which I am employed […]

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Dear Outraged College Student

Dear Outraged College Student: I just read your op-ed in the student newspaper. I can see from it that you are distressed. A speaker with whom you disagree has been invited to come give a talk at the school you attend. You feel it is an outrage against decency, justice, and diversity that this speaker […]

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On the Death Penalty, Race, Elite Opinion, and the New Social Desirability Bias

In a university course on the sociology of death and dying that I teach, we spend a few weeks discussing the death penalty. Students in my class are uniformly surprised to find on the syllabus sources that argue for it as well as authors taking up the other side of the issue. As is the […]

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A Visit to the Woke Bookstore

Your local university bookstore, bringing Woke culture to a backward small town near you It was just Commencement Weekend at the central Pennsylvania liberal arts college where I teach. COVID restrictions looked to be in serious retreat around town, as families were excitedly milling about on the main drag, many mask-free, and the whole area […]

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