Author: Bruce Bawer

Bruce Bawer is the author of "The Victims' Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind" (Broadside Books, 2012). He lives in Norway.

Gender Tyranny at Swedish Universities

It started with an October 29 blog entry by Erik Ringmar, a 56-year-old political scientist at Lund University in Sweden. Ringmar had a problem. At Lund, he explained, it’s strongly recommended that 40% of the readings for every course be written by women. There’s a certain flexibility, but if your reading list contains no women […]

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A Patronizing Look at Campus Conservatives

Need any further evidence of the insularity and obtuseness of the academic left – of its stubborn and unreflecting conviction of its own virtue and superiority, its breathtaking incomprehension of and condescension toward those who don’t share its ideology? Me neither. Nonetheless, a new book entitled Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives (Princeton University […]

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