Author: Daniel B. Klein

Daniel Klein is professor of economics at George Mason University, editor of Econ Journal Watch, and author of Knowledge and Coordination: A Liberal Interpretation.

Black Sages on DEI

Black public intellectuals who critique leftism get no attention from the leftist media. They are therefore unknown to much of the general public. This is a shame because they contribute greatly to the conversation on race in America. Many oppose critical race theory and the slogan “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI). Here is a selection […]

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The Tribes That Hire the PhDs

Clues to the structure of academia and its ideological leanings sometimes turn up in policy journals. Here’s one: In the Georgetown Public Policy Review, Robert L. Oprisko, a visiting professor at Butler University, notes that “eleven schools contribute 50 percent of the political science academics to research-intensive universities in the United States. Over 100 political […]

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Why So Few Conservative And Libertarian Professors?

Two researchers offer a new twist on an old question—why do college professors overwhelmingly lean to the left? Bias against conservatives is not the main reason, nor are the allegedly higher IQs of liberals, say Neil Gross of the University of British Columbia and Ethan Fosse of Harvard. Instead they suggest a theory of “path […]

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