Author: James Druley, Ray M. Sanchez, and David Richardson

James Druley teaches philosophy at Madera Community College. Ray M. Sanchez is Faculty Coordinator of Academic Success Centers at Madera Community College in Madera, California and has a M.A. in History from CSU, Fresno. David Richardson also has a M.A. in History from CSU, Fresno and has taught history in community colleges for 30 years.

The Evolution and Implementation of Equity (Part II)

In Part I of this essay, we discussed the origins of the term “equity,” its original meaning of fairness, its degeneration into forced equality of outcome, and its eventual inversion into unfair repression of some groups as a necessary means to bring about successful outcomes for others. In this second part, we describe how equity—equality […]

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The Evolution and Implementation of Equity (Part I)

I. A Good Term Gone Bad The modern term “equity” originally comes to us from the Old French term, equite, which in turn came from the original Latin, aequitatem, a word that could mean a number of different things, including equality, fairness, uniformity, or even symmetry. At the end of the 16th century, Western Europeans began […]

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