Author: Edwin C. Hagenstein

Edwin C. Hagenstein is an independent writer and editor based in New Mexico. He is the author of "The Language of Liberty: A Citizen's Vocabulary" and "American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land." You may find his work at

The Common Good Project

In our current political discourse, virtually any news story can instantly become a flash point for bitter partisan recriminations: COVID-related public health mandates, the January 6 mob actions at the Capitol, and now the Afghanistan pullout. Each of these cases have threatened the interests of the nation as a whole, and in other times, they […]

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The Quiet Constitutional Crisis

This political season has been dizzying. The steep, plunging lows—the COVID mess and the urban riots—are such that they have left many of us queasy. Enough so, that in bleak moments a shadow of doubt passes through our minds: perhaps our governing system cannot bear the burdens we face and could come undone. It is […]

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