Author: Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey has been providing political analysis as a blogger, columnist, and radio host since 2003. He now writes at Hot Air as senior editor and correspondent and also hosts a daily online talk show. His radio show is on Minnesota’s AM 1280 The Patriot every Saturday afternoon.

Free speech

How Students Intimidate Professors and Stymie Learning

Hungry for love and it’s feeding time, Alice Cooper wrote in his 1991 classic song, “Feed My Frankenstein.” Academia has created its own Frankenstein with its speech codes, groupthink enforcement, and discouraging of dissent. This Frankenstein isn’t hungry for love – it’s hungry for power.  And academics themselves have belatedly discovered that they’re on the […]

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Christina Hoff Sommers


Completing a college education, people have long presumed, shows that a young adult has not just mastered a particular subject but has broadened his or her intellect by exposure to many different disciplines, philosophies, and diverse approaches to both knowledge and life. A successful college education replaces ignorance with insight, and insularity with confidence and […]

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Attacking Free Speech: From PC here to Guns in Paris

The Fiscal Times Sometimes, the world feels as though it would be better off if everyone went back to kindergarten. At least when I attended that grade, the teachers made us learn a mantra that has stuck with me ever since — Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. […]

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