Author: Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno is the pen name of a faculty member of an American academic institution.

In Defense of Free Expression

Thoughtful commentators, from both the Left and the Right, have noted that political legitimacy requires allowing all in the polity to participate in the political process, the outcome of which all are obligated to follow. Thus, in a democracy, all must be given the opportunity to comment on, and attempt to influence, the policies to […]

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We Don’t Need Your Condescension

Personal Reflections on Election Reactions in Academia and Society In this essay I will briefly discuss some of my post-election (2016 and 2020) experiences in academia as a right-of-center faculty member at an (501c3, allegedly “non-partisan”) institution composed of hardcore leftists, as well as how this relates to attitudes found in the broader American society. […]

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