Author: Jan H. Blits

Jan H. Blits is a Professor at the University of Delaware School of Education.

Climate-Change Shenanigans at the U. of Delaware

May a public university manipulate a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request of a faculty member in an effort to squelch the politically incorrect side in the on-going climate wars? The University of Delaware, which has a long, sorry history of political correctness, seems to think that it may–even if its actions violate the faculty member’s […]

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Let’s Stop Awarding Credits For Service Learning

From the National Association of Scholars’ 100 Great Ideas for Higher Education  *** Many popular proposals to improve higher education would actually weaken it. Faculty are letting academic standards slip–in the name of academic enrichment–and increasingly giving students academic credit for activities that are “academic” in only a lax sense. Not everything taught or learned is […]

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Betrayal of Liberty on Campus

(This is the text of a speech delivered July 16 to the Campus Freedom Network conference at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.) Not many years ago, just about every college student loved liberty. Except for some die-hard Marxists (who opposed not only liberty of speech, but liberty as such), it was hard to find […]

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