Author: Larry Fuqua

I am a white guy, married to a black professional lady (deceased), a graduate of HBCU/PBI Chicago State University, author of my memoir "A White Guy's Walk Through Black America" and my forthcoming book "Unmasking Black Racism in America," and author of 120 essays on race and racial matters today, living the life of an integrationist.

Academia Portrays Racism as Exclusively Perpetrated by Whites, but That’s Not the Case

As an integrationist, multiculturalist, and white man married to a highly educated black woman and the father of two biracial children, I deplore racism in all its forms—systemic, overt, and covert, from any race or color. Racism must be condemned universally, regardless of its source. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared during World War II, “We […]

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