Author: Michael Platt

Dr. Michael Platt studied at Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, and taught at Dartmouth, Heidelberg, and the University of Dallas, where he recently returned to give ten lectures in the venerable “Shakespeare’s Politics” course. Every Tuesday, his Friends of the Republic seminar, of mostly former students, meets in study. His recent "Mighty Opposites: Machiavelli and Shakespeare Match Wits" asks: Can there be a Christian Statesman? For more, visit Friends of the Republic:

When Savages Exult in Selfies, What’s a Statesman to Consider?

“Oh horrible, horrible, most horrible,” as a Chorus in Greek Tragedy might chant: midst a “storm of multitudinous tears.” Rockets raining on civilians, maidens and mothers raped, tortured, beheaded, babies too, others kidnapped, and the dead desecrated, one corpse so mutilated turned out to be two … pieta! … and all the while the terrorists brandish the flesh […]

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What Will U-Austin Teach? Will It Have a Core, Perhaps of Statesmanship?

When I consider what academe has become, I feel like a boy at the grave of my father. The Harvard I arrived at in 1960, with its Gen-Ed core inspired by the Red Book of 1948, with Finley and Alfred, with Riesman and Erikson, with Harry Levin, George Wald, and Charles Paul Segal, and with […]

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