Author: Naomi Schaefer Riley

Ms. Riley is the deputy Taste editor of the Wall Street Journal's Taste page. She is working on a book about tenure.

Highly Stressed Students and the Aimless Curriculum

When news came out recently that this year’s college freshmen rank their emotional well-being at record-low levels, observers in the media and the ivory tower began to wring their hands. Just how depressed are young men and women on campus? According to researchers at UCLA who conduct the annual “American Freshman” survey, the percentage of […]

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What Speech Is Protected?

Earlier this month a Maine parole commission accomplished what pleas from citizens and the governor of Massachusetts could not, in preventing the speech of a convicted terrorist at the University of Massachusetts. Widespread protest greeted an invitation by professors to Raymond Luc Levasseur, the leader of United Freedom Front, a violent anti-government group linked to […]

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