Author: Robert J. Bodisch, Sr.

Robert J. Bodisch, Sr. has had a distinguished career spanning several key roles in law enforcement and homeland security. Beginning in 2009, he served as the Department of Public Safety Chief of Staff and Assistant Director of Texas Homeland Security, overseeing divisions such as Emergency Management and Intelligence. His responsibilities expanded in 2014 when he became Deputy Director, adding oversight of Service Divisions to his existing roles. In 2018, Bodisch took on additional responsibility for the department's Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Division. Prior to his time at DPS, Bodisch held positions including Deputy Director at the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security. With a background starting in 1973 in law enforcement, he has accumulated over 6800 hours of training and is a Master Peace Officer. Notably, Bodisch served two tours in Iraq and received commendations for his contributions to international policing efforts. After retiring in 2018, he was commissioned as a Special Texas Ranger, capping off a remarkable 45-year career in law enforcement.

Texas’s Higher Ed Officials Need to Wake Up

To regain order and discipline on our college campuses, leadership must understand the problem and who is involved. They must then take the necessary steps to ensure that every college campus provides a safe learning environment for all students. Since October 7, 2023, there have been many pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian demonstrations on our nation’s college […]

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