Author: Stephen H. Balch

Stephen H. Balch, a founder and former president of the National Association of Scholars, is director of The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization at Texas Tech.

In Texas, Celebrating the Gifts of Western Civ

There’s nothing as western as West Texas, its sky a vast inverted bowl, its land austere and boundless, its people tough, terse, and hard working. These aren’t images that readily bring to mind the Parthenon or Temple Mount, but they do suggest what makes West Texas’ landscape a signifier for the achievement of Western civilization […]

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The ABA’s Diversity Agenda

The ABA is very big on diversity. To satisfy its standards, nearly all law schools must seriously relax their admissions standards for minority students. But how many of so-called beneficiaries of affirmative action are graduating and passing the bar? And how many are winding up with nothing to show for their trouble but students loans? […]

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Twenty Years in the Vineyards of Higher Education Reform

This month the National Association of Scholars celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Twenty years ago, Ronald Reagan sat in the White House. Twenty years ago a wall stood in Berlin. Twenty years ago the world wide web was only a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. Twenty years is enough time to have fought all the declared […]

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