Author: Susan Pinker

Susan Pinker is a psychologist, a columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail and author of "The Sexual Paradox."

Do Babies Handicap Women in Academe?

As the 20th century drew to a close, women had started to outpace men on university campuses, and as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, biologists and managers. As a group, they lived longer and epidemiologists described them as healthier and happier.   Yet a raft of books about professional women published around the millennium placed them firmly […]

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On Women, STEM and Hidden Bias

If only Carole Carrier and her peers felt more aggrieved, the new report released by the American Association of University Women on women in science would make more sense. On the day the AAUW report was released, Carrier, a 34 year-old mechanical engineer who works part-time, was walking down the street in early spring with […]

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