Which Types of Schools Would Gain Under the College Cost Reduction Act?

We’ve been exploring the pros and cons of the College Cost Reduction Act, a bill introduced by House Republicans. Here we continue that effort, asking which types of colleges would gain or lose under the bill. Two new features the bill introduces are bonus payments and risk sharing penalties that colleges would receive to pay […]

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The Potted Plants of Higher Education

Throughout most of the nearly seven decades in which I have had an intimate association with American higher education, I have pondered the question: “Who really ‘owns’ the universities?” Several groups claim at least partial control on many campuses, hence the oft-cited term “shared governance.” But to avoid chaos, some specific individual or group has […]

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The Mirage of Accountability at the University of Texas

The Chancellor of the University of Texas system has issued a disappointing response to pressure from the public and Governor Rick Perry for greater accountability on the system’s nine campuses. Chancellor Francisco

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