Digital Nannying on Campus

An article co-published by the New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education reports that several universities now engage in student data mining. Electronic monitoring systems collect bits of digital information to create databases of profiles by tracking, timing, and tallying student activities like swiping ID badges or working on online assignments. The data collected […]

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What Is Educational Fair Use in the Digital Age?

A professor posts excerpts from a book through the university’s electronic reserves for his class – an innocent enough practice that is fairly common in colleges across the country. Recently, 23 professors at Georgia State University (GSU) were alleged to have engaged in copyright infringement for doing just that.

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The Hidden Cost of University 2.0

We have entered a new digital era that appears to have made the traditional trappings of higher education–e.g., fixed curricula, going to lectures, even physically attending a college or university–about as necessary to getting a college degree as the telegraph is for sending messages. Out with hierarchy, structure, and the top-down approach to higher education. […]

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