Harvard bias suit

Harvard Flinches and Admits a Few More Asians

Despite being a small minority (5.8%) of the U.S. population, Asian-Americans have long been, and remain, at the center of current controversies over college admissions. Consider the relationship, if any, among the following: Students For Fair Admissions suing Harvard for discrimination against Asians. Harvard’s Admitted Class Has Record Share of Asian Americans. “Last week, Harvard […]

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Harvard’s Strip Tease About Wealth and Race

The trial of Students For Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College began last week in federal district court in Boston to determine whether “Fair Harvard” treats its Asian-American applicants, and perhaps others, equitably. The SFFA plaintiffs claim Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants, and others, every which way from Sunday, but it is […]

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