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Tawdry Sex and the Decline of Yale


My new book, Sex & God at Yale, covers many of the shabby low points of sex at the university: Live nudity in the classroom, oral sex seminars, masturbation how-tos and other examples of dedicated folly. But it’s important to focus on  the underlying problem I address in the book. Simply put:  Yale, along with other leading universities, has used academic freedom as an excuse for abandoning academic standards.  

I’m not the first to level this charge. In God & Man at Yale. William F. Buckley famously accused his alma mater of hiding behind “the superstitions of academic freedom.” That was more the sixty years ago. World War II was a recent memory. Buckley was upset that Yale employed professors who busied themselves promoting atheism and communism–ideologies which, he suggested, undermined the liberty that enabled Yale’s academic enterprise to carry on in the first place.

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The Porno Prof at Hamilton

The newest member of the Hamilton College English and Creative Writing department is Visiting Assistant Professor Alessandro Porco, who has published two books of pornographic poetry, including a repellent poem on his fantasy of having sex with the twin daughters of  Laura and George W. Bush. One indulgent reviewer praises Porco’s first collection, The Jill Kelly Poems (named for a favorite porn star) this way: “While poems such as Ménage à Bush Twins would make the hair on George W.’s back stand on end, Porco’s lewdness is balanced with a style that leaves the reader yearning for more.”  For many readers, perhaps not.   

In a 2005 interview on the website PopMatters, one Nikki Tranter notes that  Porco wants “to have sex with porn-stars on a regular basis,” so “Porco’s presentation of the porno-life is an authentic one.”  In  another interview, Porco says that the title poem of his second  collection Augustine in Carthage, is a “trans-historical re-imagining of Book III of St. Augustine’s Confessions in present-day Montreal,” with T.S. Eliot serving as a “Tiresias-like guiding presence.”  Among other things, says Porco, his poem “examines” the “hypocrisy of spiritual conversion.”  It also includes “21 of the filthiest limericks I could think to write” and a scene of Jesus having sex with his mother.

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