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An Ethically Challenged Black Studies Department

Troubles continue to mount for the black studies program at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Three weeks ago an internal review of the program showed 54 phantom courses over three years–classes that had never actually been taught. Last week, the Pope Center’s Jane Shaw reported that the university had asked “the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) to look into possible fraud in the department. In the words of UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor Holden Thorp, the purpose is to investigate ‘potential criminal activity’ in connection with the former chairman of the department, Julius Nyang’oro, and his teaching of a course last summer.” 

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The Notorious “Dear Colleague” Letter in Action

Inside Higher Ed brings interesting news today about how the infamous “Dear Colleague” letter from the Obama education department–which requires all sexual assault and harassment cases to be judged by the lowest possible burden of proof, a preponderance of the evidence–has affected one university campus. In response to the letter’s mandate, the University of North Carolina has reconfigured its disciplinary procedures, in part due to a desperate hope to retain some semblance of due process for accused students.

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