Day: May 7, 2008

Black Success, Black Failure

Confirming what college administrators have known for years, Education Sector has released a report based on U.S. Department of Education figures detailing huge gaps between the college graduation rates of white students and those of blacks. The gap (measured by failure to graduate within six years from a four-year institution) averages about 20 percent, although […]

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Delaware Indoctrinators: They Just Won’t Stop

Substantial opposition to the proposed new version of the University of Delaware indoctrination program turned up at Monday’s meeting of the faculty senate. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the senate will take up the issue again next week and the indoctrinators may still win. Professor Jan Blits of the Delaware affiliate of […]

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Take A Look

– Richard Vedder marvels at the obdurate defense of embattled University Presidents – something much like a defacto system of Giving Presidents Tenure – Jay Greene offers an analysis of gifts to U.S. Universities originating in Middle Eastern states. They’re massive, as you might imagine. As Greene comments: To put the magnitude of those gifts […]

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