Take A Look

– Richard Vedder marvels at the obdurate defense of embattled University Presidents – something much like a defacto system of Giving Presidents Tenure

Jay Greene offers an analysis of gifts to U.S. Universities originating in Middle Eastern states. They’re massive, as you might imagine. As Greene comments:

To put the magnitude of those gifts in perspective, the Arabian Gulf states from which the money came have economies that represent less than 2% of global GDP (excluding the US). So, their share of foreign gifts to US universities is eight times as large as their foreign share of global wealth production.

– The APSA is entertaining concerns about the location of their professional conference, namely that “states with Constitutional restrictions on rights afforded recognized same-sex unions and partnerships may create an unwelcoming environment for our members in cities where we might meet.” Read more, from Joe Knippenberg.

– Students at Ashland University are protesting, with an unusual aim – the right to take ancient Greek to fulfill language requirements. Imagine that.


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