Day: July 24, 2008

“Intergroup Dialogue” – The Latest Indoctrination Catchphrase

Aggressive diversity programs on campus now come with harmless-sounding names such as “sustainability,” “social justice” and the need for good “dispositions.” The latest in this series is “intergroup dialogue.” Who can oppose “intergroup dialogue”? Many of us, if the real meaning of the term is excavated. “Intergroup dialogue” is the new euphemism for the oppression […]

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Beachcombing For Students

The New York Sun reports that Mercy College is creating an “instant, on-the-spot evaluation that allows students to learn whether they have been admitted 24 hours after showing their high school transcripts.” Where to find such impatient prospects? Admissions officers will also be canvassing local beaches and malls in the five boroughs and Westchester in […]

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